From a young age I have had two impulses that led me to be an artists. The first is an interest in the world around me, and the second the drive to create. I would say that I was raised in a stimulating environment, but the truth is, to those interested in the world as it is, every situation offers the chance to observe learn and understand more. I especially had an interest in and love for nature, and as a result I have spent many hours walking looking wondering and of course, drawing. Drawing was my primary means of capturing, and processing things that I discovered and of exploring beyond. Literature has always had a large impact on my thinking, and I would often draw from my mind places and things that I either imagined or came across in books; a practice that has been very influential in my painting.

As I have gotten older, much of my interest has shifted to people and culture. Growing up in multiple cultures I have always been aware of some of the vast differences in lifestyle, worldview and experience that exist in the world. This has grown into an intense interest in people, the motivations that drive us, the cultures that shape us, the rich diversity and also commonalities that bind us together. The things that I observe or hear or experience with people I still process through drawing, often using metaphors and symbolism, which forms the basis for my paintings.

In 2011 after taking some years away from school to work I decided to pursue art full time and moved to Colorado to study art at Western State Colorado University. I took an oil painting class fairly early on and fell in love with the immediacy of the medium as well as the rich colors and tones that it offers. Since graduating in 2015, I am continuing to paint as well as travel, as I continue to develop my art.